Virtual learning modules developed by Group Care Global and CAI Global

In 2020, Group Care Global (GCG), together with partners in seven countries, launched GC_1000. GCG's main role in GC_1000 is to lead Work Package 4 (WP4) to guide and support timely implementation and sustaining of specific group care protocols (antenatal, postnatal+) in demonstration sites in seven countries. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, GCG knew that the only way to have consistent global reach would be to use virtual learning as one core way to provide initial orientation to the group care model. With the pandemic, virtual platforms have become a standard way for people to meet, learn, and interact. Our work in GC_1000 is no different. 

To develop the virtual modules, GCG partnered with CAI Global, a diverse, mission-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of health care and social services delivered to marginalized populations worldwide. The modules are linked with GCG's Site Implementation Guide and serve as a partner's first step towards model

implementation. GCG Consultants partner with country lead and health care sites to then offer training and ongoing support to site staff so that implementation proceeds smoothly.  GCG and CAI developed 12 interactive online learning modules, The learning modules and accompanying training videos are designed to meet the needs of learners around the world as they implement Centering-based group care in their communities and to help local partners assess their readiness, potential challenges, and assets for their model implementation. Site staff and GCG consultant experiences will help to further refine the modules, providing site-level feedback about the appropriateness, usefulness, and applicability of the information and formats for diverse sites around the world. 

Future plans include a robust evaluation of the modules’ effectiveness and level of user engagement, and enhanced elements such as translation, country-specific graphics, and accessibility features.


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