Group care in United Kingdom

Group care implementation sites in United Kingdom

Group care will be implemented in two sites in London

  • Epsom & St Helier - Pregnant women will receive antenatal care by midwives and the groups will continue for postnatal care by  health visitors & nursery nurses, 8, 12, 16 weeks after birth.
  • Harlow - Pregnant women will receive antenatal care by midwives.

Picture from the Advisory Board meeting in November of 2022



The rapid assessment for the United Kingdom took place in January. After the rapid assessment, the group care model was adapted to the context at the implementation sites in the UK in collaboration with the local research team.


The teams will be trained and groups will start.


Results of the project are expected in 2024.

Who will benefit from group care in the UK?

Coming soon


Are you interested in group care for pregnant women and postnatal group care for families? Please contact the research team in the UK: 

Professor Christine McCourt

Country lead | WP 5 lead

Professor Christine McCourt (BA 1st class, PhD anthropology) is Professor of Maternal and Child health. She leads the Models of Care research group in the CMCHR, where she is also Centre director. She has extensive experience of research on health service change and innovation and on the relations between models of care, care experiences and outcomes. Her work has had high impact (for example, the Birthplace in England research programme led to significant changes in maternity policy and guidelines globally). She has expertise in research on respectful care and on the care experiences of socially disadvantaged or marginalised groups. She has conducted extensive research on group care, including assessment of feasibility, adaptation of the model to the diverse social and ethnic communities of London and development of a trial with integrated process evaluation. She has methodological expertise on complex interventions and on combining experimental and ethnographic research.

Dr. Susan Bradley

Dr Susan Bradley (BSc biology, MSc global health, PhD health sciences) is a research fellow in the CMCHR at CITY with extensive experience of research in sub-Saharan Africa and expertise in factors influencing the provision of high-quality and respectful care in low income countries and in international research project management.

Octavia Wiseman

Octavia Wiseman (RM, MClinRes) is a practising midwife with expertise in community-based interventions development and in provision of continuity of care models of midwifery for migrant women. As a research fellow for the REACH programme in the CMCHR at CITY, she has extensive experience in qualitative feasibility studies, intervention adaption and implementation, RCT development and process evaluation in relation to group care.

Dr. Nathalie Leister

Dr. Leister is a midwife with Master and PhD in Sciences. She currently works as a Research Fellow at City, University of London. She conducts researches on maternity services configuration, functioning, care provided and outcomes, on women social and cultural decision-making related to maternity care and on the provision, improvement and strengthening of Midwifery Units, especially in low and middle income countries.