The overall objective of GC_1000 is to co-create and disseminate evidence-based implementation strategies and tools to support successful implementation and scale-up of group care in the first 1000 days in health systems throughout the world, with particular attention to the needs of vulnerable populations. Strategies and tools are built from lessons learned in demonstration sites in 7 countries.

Specific objectives

  1. Identify and deliver context-specific factors that will enhance or impede transition from individual provider-to-user care to group antenatal and postnatal+ care in 4 lower and middle income countries and 3 high income countries, considering the needs of women and families (especially from vulnerable populations), the issues facing care providers  and the opportunities and restrictions of health care systems.
  2. Develop and carry out implementation strategies adapted to the specific needs to each of the 7 countries, leading to successful implementation of group care with at least 5 antenatal and/or postnatal+ groups per country.
  3. Monitor and evaluate implementation of group care in the 7 countries with regard to process, fidelity, sustainability, costs, effect and perceptions of benefit.
  4. Develop and deliver 7 country blueprints for the scale-up of antenatal and postnatal+ care in the first 1000 days based on the implementation success and challenges.
  1. Develop and disseminate a GC_1000 implementation strategy toolbox for the adaptation, implementation and scale up of the core components of group antenatal and postnatal care during the first 1000 days.