Group care in Suriname

Group care implementation sites in Suriname

Group care has been implemented in Suriname, called "SamenZwanger", by  Stichting Perisur in the Diakonessenhuis.



The rapid assessment for Suriname will take place in March/April of 2021.

After this, the group care model was adapted to the context at the implementation sites in Suriname in collaboration with the local research team.

In December, a group care training took place.


Groups will start.


Results of the project are expected in 2024

Who will benefit from group care in Suriname?

  • 4 RGD clinics were selected as implementation sites

  • Two sites for antenatal and two for postnatal group care


Are you interested in group care for pregnant women and postnatal group care for families? Please contact the research team in Suriname: 

Ashna Hindori-Mohangoo

Country lead

Ashna Hindori-Mohangoo has a broad background in perinatal, maternal and child health research in Suriname, the Netherlands/Europe, such as monitor birth outcomes, longitudinal study designs and development of reproductive health intervention programs. Extensive experience in the field of reproductive health research in Suriname started in 2009 with the nationwide survey to identify underlying factors for high perinatal and infant mortality and morbidity in Suriname. The coordination of this nationwide project resulted in network building and the establishment of the Foundation for Perinatal Interventions Suriname in 2015 (, that aims to improve reproductive health and care in Suriname. As the project manager of Perisur she is actively involved in developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating perinatal health intervention programs including preconception care, group prenatal care and group baby care. In addition to her work and experiences from Perisur, she work as the data manager and co-investigator of the NIH funded research and training program of the Caribbean Consortium for Research in Environmental and Occupational Health (CCREOH)/the MekiTamara Study in Suriname. She has coordinated several data collections of the Euro-Peristat project and is currently a member of their Executive Board.

Manodj Hindori

Country lead

Manodj Hindori has a broad scope of the health sector of Suriname. For 11 years he is the managing director of the St. Vincentius Hospital, one of the six hospitals in Suriname. Before that he was the managing director of the Lands Hospital and of the Nickerie Regional Hospital. In the past seven years he was also the chair of the National Hospital Association of Suriname. Before becoming a hospital director he worked for 15 years for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) as consultant in health sector reform. As such he was responsible for assessing the national health sector, and for the implementation of interventions to improve the performance of the health sector. As chairman of the Perisur Foundation he is actively involved in the interventions in the area of perinatal health in the country.