Stories about Group Care 

Researchers and policymakers regularly hear impressive stories about the results of group care according to the Centering model, which are not visible in research results. These stories from healthcare show in a different way how group care works. With the help of interviews with women, midwives, nurses and doctors, these powerful and often moving stories will be collected and written down during the GC_1000 project.

The process of implementing group care will start at the end of 2021. The following stories have been collected before 2020 and were published in the book "Little Pearls, short group care stories with a large impact". The book was a joint publication of TNO, the KNOV, the Centering Nederland Foundation and Group Care Global. The book was first distributed in the English version at the GC_1000 launch meeting in Leiden, Netherlands, February 2020. 

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Stories from around the world

When I feel tense, I just think about the group and I remember the topics that we shared. It helps me a lot!

Durga from Nepal

I went back to the hospital and I asked the doctor lots of questions. Now I understand the pros and cons of having more tests done. I have decided not to continue with more tests. I am so happy with the choice that I was able to make myself!

Eritrean woman in the Netherlands

Stories from Eritrean women in the Netherlands

Stories from postnatal group care

I am not taken seriously in my own environment, but in the group I feel like a real mother.

Thamar (15) 

Stories from group care in The Netherlands

I am not taken seriously in my own environment, but in the group I feel like a real mother.

Thamar (15) 

More stories

Women share concerns and life experiences that they never disclosed before; not with a care provider and not even with their family or friends.

Sharon Schindler Rising